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This isn't like other cookbooks, this is a Mom's DREAM cookbook! Easy delicious dinners (because that is the meal us Moms often get in a rut), power food lunches for mom, wholesome school-lunches for kids, baby-led weaning ideas, bulk breakfasts, snacks, smoothies, and dreamy desserts (like PMS Brownies!)  Every recipe includes personal and nutritional notes about the “why” behind ingredients.  These notes will inspire you to WANT to make these recipes because you’ll learn how the different ingredients flush toxins from your body, generate new skin cells, support weight loss, prevent anemia, boost your gut’s microbiome, fight off sickness, regulate hormones, lower blood sugar, combat inflammation and SO MUCH MORE!   

glowbodypt mom cookbook site.png

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The majority of recipes are plant-based, with a few animal protein recipes mixed in, exactly how I eat. Most recipes are already dairy-free, but in some cases you can opt for dairy-free cheese or chocolate, if you prefer. I also share tips to include your kids ages zero to teen in the kitchen -- because we aren't just feeding our children, but raising them to be helpful, competent, and independent young adults who have a healthy relationship with food. The purpose of the Mom's Cookbook is to simplify, educate, and empower you to eat in a way that will help your body perform its best on the inside and help you look your best on the outside! This is a digital download, so you can have quick access to your recipes on any phone, laptop, or tablet and print it out if you wish. 

If you are currently pregnant or postpartum, and you don't yet have the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan, save yourself money and go buy the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan today because it now *COMES WITH* the Mom Cookbook. You also maintain your 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan full-length workout video access for 10 years (to cover future pregnancies/ postpartum recoveries). Carefully type in your email address at checkout because these are digital downloads that will instantly be sent to the email address you provide.

-Ashley Keller

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