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Are you like me and not able to get out for a run as much as you'd like? As a mother of 4 and military spouse I need workouts that deliver an enormous aerobic capacity to stay in runner-type condition, without having to log miles.
These 7 x longer-version cardio workouts will torch calories both while you workout and for hours afterwards! They are intense, but also include modifications to meet you where you are. This is not a weekly program, rather, you can pick and choose from any of the cardio sessions anytime you need a sweaty burn.

- At home, while you travel, do these anywhere!
- 5 No-Equipment routines.
- 1 Medium Dumbbell workout
- 1 Medium Kettlebell (or dumbbell substitution) 
- 2 Prenatal/Postnatal safe workouts

Spicy Dumbbell

Full body toning with flattening ab work interlaced throught the workout. You'll keep a high heart rate and earn visible lean definition.


Cardio Yoga Thighs & Abs

Not at all spiritual yoga, we are here for the muscle-lengthening and injury-prevention. Define your inner thighs, tighten deep core muscles and get super flexible all while burning calories during this quick-paced mobility session. 


10,000 Step Challenge

Super fun - stepping, dancing, shaking from the burn, while hanging out with a friend as we go for 10k steps together. You'll keep coming back to this fun routine.


Kettlebell Cardio

Explosive power-session to burn sticky fat and sculpt round glutes. The ab finisher at the end to leave you feeling rewarded. You totally do this indoors, I'm just outside for fun. Substitute in a dumbbell if you don't own a kettlebell.


Low Impact Silent Cardio

The sweatiest low impact cardio you've ever done. This will become your go-to cardio burn anytime you travel! You will see my children/dogs in several videos, which may make your kids enjoy working out "with mom" more!

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Cardio "Race Day"

Brutal full body cardio that simulates a race day all-out effort that will leave you sore for days (and deliver visible results!). Fast paced workout that will leave you feeling accomplished in a way that only other women who have done Race Day can understand. : ) 

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Dueling Ropes Cardio

Prenatal & postnatal safe body-weight cardio that will torch calories and can be woven into the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan or Prenatal Program. Fun, unique, exercises and visible toning with the oblique finisher.

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Printables in Addition to  Videos

If you want to know what's coming up, or refer back to part of a workout, everything is written out to save you time. Full length videos keep you motivated and on track; the printables keep you organized if you're a paper kind of girl.

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It is currently in the vault and unavailable for purchase until Black Friday weekend 2023. 

**SOLD OUT** The Cardio Series is in the vault and not available for purchase until Black Friday weekend 2023. 

When you do purchase, carefully enter your email address at checkout because this is a digital download that will instantly be sent to your inbox.

You maintain your Cardio Series workout video access for 10 years. 

I am confident this series will make you *want* to do crazy hot cardio because these workouts deliver visible results, and they are fun & motivating to do.


-Ashley Keller

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