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I'm Ashley Keller

I am an unashamed follower of Christ. I believe God's Word is sufficient for all instruction on living a life pleasing to God. I am NOT "enough," never will be, and that's beautiful. It is why I need Jesus. Since I seek to make our Lord the center of my life, everything else flows from that relationship of unconditional love and unapologetic truth.


I am married to the man of my dreams (who makes "Luke-piles" around the house and flirts with me to burst my overly-serious, focused-nature when I'm exercising.) He leads our home in family bible-time and pointing me and our 4 babies to the Perfect Father.


GlowBodyPT is where God has called me to serve and I don't take you being here lightly. I put everything I have into what I do to deliver you the absolute best results on your body -- both how it looks and performs-- while not wasting any of your valuable time.


Other "fitness companies" don't care about the individual.  I do.  I really, deeply care. And if you'll let me, I promise to pour life into you.


I was an Army officer frustrated by the lack of challenging (yet safe) prenatal workouts available online- so I got certified as a Personal Trainer and Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise Specialist, poured over peer-reviewed research, and started testing on myself.


I'd hurry home over lunch breaks, change out of my army combat uniform, and into workout clothes. Propping up my $200 camera on a stack of index cards on the kitchen countertop, I recorded my quick, intense, pregnancy routines in case there were a few like-minded women somewhere in the world who also wanted more out of their pregnancy fitness. Today there are more than 150,000 of you fierce women across YouTube + Instagram.

Postpartum women came to me with a dire need for a c-section and vaginal-safe postpartum program that would effectively repair the abdominal wall and heal Diastasis Recti naturally with exercise. But not any old program that was mostly stretching and breathing. 

GlowBodyPT women wanted something that would challenge them and make them sweat, burn excess fat, and get results as efficiently as possible.

 I hosted a trial group of 50 women (vaginal, c-section, with 1-6 babies) and collected their feedback, charted progress data, and assessed what exercises are the most effective. I discovered over 70% of postpartum moms still had Diastasis Recti by the time they got the all-clear to exercise, and the majority weren't even checked for Diastasis Recti at their postpartum check ups.


You see, doing the wrong exercises with Diastasis Recti will only make the postpartum stomach worse. Strong integrity and functionality of the core is key for basic mothering with confidence.


 So I tweaked the plan to make it 100% Diastasis Recti healing (every warm up, exercise, and cool down) before it launched for purchase.


In 2022, the plan was massively upgraded, with all newly filmed videos as the culmination of everything I had learned from training thousands of postpartum moms, combined with my own personal experience recovering after my 4 babies.


All women who previously purchased got the Upgrade at no additional cost to them. That's how much I genuinely care about delivering the best results to those who choose me to be their trainer.


I live and breathe prenatal and postnatal fitness and would never do anything else first after having babies than my 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan. 


Each of my programs: the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan, the 10 Minute Plan, Lean Fast Strong Capable Plan, Firm30 and the Cardio Series were all created because I needed them for myself as a busy mom while running GlowBodyPT (and often the home solo) during Luke's deployments & training trips.


These are the exact plans I follow and have full confidence your only regret will be that you didn't start sooner.

I am a family woman.


Mother of 4 
Military Spouse
Army Veteran
(Afghanistan deployment) & West Point Graduate

 World Champion Half Ironman triathlete

 Team USA (sport was an idol for me )-->Turned mom who cares much more about my family than winning every race. 

5:11 1-mile,
62 minute 10-mile,
1:28 half marathon
(during the last leg of a triathlon). 1:32 half marathon 6 months postpartum baby number 4.

We give.

Over $256,000 donated to Save the Storks. Each August, during the Save the Storks sale, you have the opporunity to stand by mothers & babies to do Kingdom work.

$11,521 in 2019
$30,163 in 2020
$30,239 in 2021
$58,835 in 2022

$126,115 in 2023

Here for you.


Reach out to me GlowBodyPT Instagram (fastest), GlowBodyPT Facebook, or if you have questions about which plan is the best fit for you.

Save the Storks Busses
We have had the blessing to name by women within the GlowBodyPT community.

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