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Ashley Keller is going to turn you into a fat-burning machine. Run your fastest. Sculpt lean muscle tone. Feel completely confident in your body. 

Lean Fast Strong Capable Plan is for women who want to see their body at its full potential. 25-45 minutes, 5 days per week, at home or in a gym. To begin, you should already be doing some sort of exercise 3 days per week and be able to run at least 1 mile without walking. If you don't have experience lifting weights, don't worry. You'll watch and quickly learn everything you need to know!


If you don't eat right, you won't SEE the results of your hard workouts on your body. Ashley makes it easy to succeed with weekly meal plans (2 weeks of meat-eaters diet AND 2 weeks of vegan diet). To take the guess-work out and ensure you get the perfect amount of macro and micro nutrients each day to burn body fat, sculpt lean definition, and never feel hungry.


✓ Meal Plan Calendars

✓ Incorporates leftovers so you don't have to prep/cook every meal!

✓ Grocery Lists

✓ Easy to Follow Recipes

✓ Registered Dietician Approved


Workouts that both enhance performance AND sculpt your body. You will incinerate fat, flatten your abs, get toned arms + shoulders, add lean definition to your thighs and build your best butt all while getting into shape to run your fastest 1-mile (or 2-mile time), increase push ups, and do your first pull up (or do more than you’ve ever done before)! Your first 3 weeks are a Build (Read: you will get sore). Week 4 is an Unload where we purposefully back off of weights to allow your body to recover, focus on flexibility and make gains. Weeks 5-6 are strength and speed focused with finishing toning-touches before your Final Assessment.


✓ Gym or Home

✓ Burn Excess Fat

✓ Run Your Fastest 1 Mile Time

✓ *Best 2 Mile APFT Training Details

✓ Build Lean Muscle Tone

✓ Learn How to Train

✓ Gain Body Confidence


Visual learners, this is Ashley's favorite part! To compliment your printable workout plan, you'll get 30-60 second sneak-peak videos into Ashley's personal session for every gym/home workout, dynamic warm up routine, and stretch routines so that you can quickly see BAM-BAM-BAM, understand the form and flow, then go get after it! No laboring over tiny-picture-exercise-diagrams like most plans. Glow Body Yoga is a full length 40+ min workout to follow along with Ashley anywhere.


✓ Quick Pre-Workout Videos

✓ Exercise Demo Videos

✓ Lifting + Stretching Technique

✓ Ashley's Running Secrets

✓ Change how you eat & think about food, made easy.


Minimum Equipment

  • Dumbbells

  • Kettlebell

  • Pull-Up Bar (door frame pull-up bars work fine)

  • Stability Ball

  • Kitchen chair (or bench/step to put feet on)

Optional / For Advanced

  • Squat Rack + Barbell with Plates

  • Bench

  • Bike or Row Machine *May walk/run/bike outdoors for cardio as well.

  • Athletic Track

These women have proven how much you can change in a short period of time on LFSC Plan with real food and hard, time-efficient work. Most start noticing changes in their bodies within the first 2 weeks of the 6 week plan.
Now it's your turn too! Take a look. Click to read their stories, and become inspired to make a change for yourself today!



You won't just get an exercise and meal plan thrown in your face. I'm ready to position you to be the most fit, healthy and confident woman you've ever been. This plan is a compilation of my best running, lifting, recovery, and nutrition secrets. You are not alone on your journey either. You gain access to a private community of strong, like-minded women, who have the same goals--- and I'll be there too!

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