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Learn Ashley's secrets to burning fat safely while nursing and flattening your stomach as efficiently as possible postpartum.

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20 x Full Length workout videos right along with Ashley to coach you through every exercise. Most exercise plans repeat the same 3-5 workouts and usually don't even include videos. Stay engaged, be challenged, and get results.  Just click-and-go. *Maintain your video access for 10 years, to cover any future pregnancies!



The worst thing a new mom could do is go on a super restrictive diet and stress herself out even more. Stick to 4 x very reasonable, cumulative nutrition goals to lose weight while maintaining your energy and milk supply.

Nursing Support

Learn how breastfeeding and exercise are actually very complimentary if you choose to breastfeed. Ashley has nursed & pumped full time for all three babies while on the plan, and thousands of other women have, too! When you combine breastfeeding with exercise on this plan it can further accelerate postpartum weight loss without any negative impact to supply.

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Some of the favorite workouts to increase fat burn over the weekend --like Mom Rush-- will be outside. *Can't get outside? I've got you covered! 2 x indoor BONUS CARDIO follow-along workout videos are included to substitute anytime outdoor exercise is impossible. These at-home Cardio workout videos deliver the same metabolic fat-burn and cardiovascular results as you'd get from walking/jogging, but you don't have to leave your home!

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Printables for every workout for those who are visual, and like to know what's coming up! Remember you will have workout videos too, in case you prefer the full-length videos. Quick + easy to grab-and-go so you don't waste time figuring out the BEST exercises to do in the best order to lose baby fat and get in rocking shape postpartum!

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Clickable phase calendars for to take all of the brain-work out of what to do and when. If you miss a few days, no problem. Pick back up where you left off! Having a proven plan takes all of the stress and unknowns out. Workouts progressively get harder at just the right times so your body will avoid plateaus. You will feel so rewarded as you cross off each workout completed and make visible progress towards your goals.

✓ Heal Diastasis Recti (DR). You will close your ab gap over the couse of 3 Phases so that we can effectively flatten your lower stomach and cinch the waist.

✓ You will need dumbbells, a stability ball (big blow up type), and stroller/carrier for walking your baby when you don't have assistance at home. That's it!

✓ 100% Safe for c-sections and vaginal deliveries. (35% of the women highlighted below in before and after photos delivered via c-section!) 

✓ GET THE PLAN WHEN YOU HIT FULL TERM (38 weeks) so you can download it to your devices, read it over, print it out, and be prepared once baby arrives! 


✓ Guidance begins as soon as baby is born so you can get reconnecting with your innermost abdominal muscles, strengthening the pelvic floor, and progressive walking to facilitate recovery while keeping your metabolism up.

✓ The first of 4 x cumulative nutrition goals begins as soon as your little one is born. This is not a diet or a meal plan. Just simple, effective, nutrition goals so that you can adopt one new habit each month without it being overwhelming or stressful at all! This sets you up for success LONG TERM so that you can stay at your ideal weight long after you graduate the plan.  Flexible around all diets, allergies, and food preferences. 100% breastfeeding safe and encouraged if you choose to nurse. 

✓ Ideally you'll begin Day 1: "Coffee With Your Core + Stroller Walk," as soon as you are cleared by your doctor to resume exercise at your postpartum check up. Most smooth vaginal delivery recoveries get the all-clear at 5-6 weeks postpartum. Most uncomplicated c-section recoveries get the all-clear at 8-9 weeks postpartum once the incision site is no longer raised, puffy, or red. It is normal at your 8-9 week post c-section check up to still have some numbness or feel itchy at the incision site (the layers of skin tissue are still healing). 

✓ If your baby isn't a baby anymore --but you never took the time to lose all of your baby weight and properly train your stomach to be more intact again as a mother-- this plan is for you, too!  If you are 5 months or farther postpartum, your ab gap will only stay the same or get worse unless you do something about it! If you are starting at 5+ moths postpartum on the plan, I need you doing the ab workout of the week 3x per week on non-consecutive days  (Mon/Wed/Fri for example). This more aggressive approach has been extremely successful on women like you past the typical postpartum season (3 yrs, 5 yrs, even 10 yrs postpartum) at closing the ab gap. You are never too late to make progress on closing your Diastasis Recti.

Over 30 thousand women have turned to Ashley via her Prenatal Workout series on YouTube and her 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan to help them get into ridiculously good shape during and after pregnancy. Now it's your turn to lose your baby weight and flatten your stomach too! Take a look, click to read their stories, and commit to getting in the best shape possible.


I designed this plan with the goal of efficiency. Moms can confidently lose weight, repair their abdominal wall to feel more intact as a mother, and gain confidence from the lean muscle tone you will earn. Your kids will want to be healthy, too. Not because you preached it. But because you've *modeled it.* This is leadership at home.

Give me 30 minutes, 4 x days a week, for 12 weeks and this plan will transform your body AND how you show up in motherhood as a more patient, present, time-efficient mother.

-Ashley Keller

2 x C-sections.

-19lbs (-8.6 kg) and 4" (10cm) off her waist while on the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan.

"I feel stronger than I have ever felt mentally and physically. I've had two c-sections now and the results from your program prove you can recover from any type of birth. Pre program day to day with a two year old and an infant was exhausting and I didn't have energy to do much. After the 1st week on your plan I noticed an increase in my energy and focus. Ashley Keller you do an amazing job of motivating us and not sugar coating anything. This program really is about getting stronger, and the weight loss that will happen is just a bonus."

Completely healed her

Diastasis Recti after her 3rd baby on the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan.

"I stuck to the plan and walked most days, and in Phase 3 included a 5k run each week. I have absolutely LOVED IT!! I feel stronger, healthy, and motivated. Doing this plan has really helped me recover from my third pregnancy. My diastasis recti has completely healed and my pelvic floor muscles are stronger now than after my first two pregnancies. I can easily do star jumps and run/skip without feeling like I'm going to leak!"

Motivated women from over 68 countries are on the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan because it's backed by science. All you need is the internet and Ashley coaches you through everything! Follow a proven plan to get results the fastest, just click-and-go. 

"I gained 45lbs in my pregnancy and now at 4 months postpartum I am back at my pre pregnancy weight and so much more toned. This was the best $135 Canadian [$99 USD] I have ever spent."


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