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12 Week
Post Pregnancy Plan

Restoring the integrity of your core postpartum is like trying to rebuild your home after a devastating storm.

Your family is counting on you, and you've got two options:

Scramble to find random parts from the junkyard that you hope will work. But without the right components, or years of expert experience, you become frustrated.  Eventually defeat sets in because you've wasted tons of time, yet the bulges and leaks haven't stopped.

Or, you can invest in a dummy-proof blueprint (with full length follow along videos!) that guarantees you rebuild a quality structure.  Your renovation that will stand the test of time and your guests will be dying to know how you made progress so fast. 

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Your body isn't your "forever home," but IT IS the only one you get.

Get results in 12 weeks that most women never get in their life as a mother. Not because you're better than them, but simply because they didn't have a proven plan.

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Ultra-Efficient Videos

Without a plan, most women flounder. Despite rushing all the time, they continue to feel like they are drowning and "behind". . . 

Prevent overwhelm of trying to figure out everything that has taken me 6 years to master. 

No confusion. No frustration wasting time on random workouts that don't work.


Gain clarity by having every detail figured out for you so you can just press play and go! Your family will feel respected because you are being ultra productive & time-efficient.


Postpartum fitness tips and constructive insight will inspire you both in fitness and in motherhood, making you excited to try each workout and committed to finishing the plan!



Gain community with motivated moms from around the world who are on the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan with you.


  Stay-at-home-moms, homeschooling moms, doctors, nurses, teachers, military, moms with newborns, and moms with teenagers -- all sharing progress pictures, tips, and providing accountability that will help you be even more successful.


You also gain access to Ashley and Team GlowBodyPT.


If you prefer not to join the Private Facebook group, no problem! The private group is totally optional and will not impact your 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan acess or and Mom Cookbook access in any way. 



This plan is extremely complementary to breastfeeding mothers.

When you combine breastfeeding with exercise on the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan it can further accelerate your postpartum weight loss without any negative impact to your breastmilk supply! 

Ashley has exclusively nursed and pumped full time for all four babies while on the plan, and thousands of other women have too! Some moms have reported a boost in hindmilk production (more fatty and nutrient-dense than foremilk) post-workouts due to the jiggling around. 

best postparum workout program

Fat Burn

Some of the favorite workouts to increase fat burn over the weekend --like "Mom Rush"-- will be outside. 


Can't get outside? I've got you 100% covered!


2 x Indoor BONUS CARDIO follow-along workout videos are designed to substitute in anytime outdoor exercise is impossible. These at-home cardio workout videos deliver the same metabolic fat-burn and healthy-hormone-pumping results you'd get from walking/jogging, but you don't have to leave your home!

Bad knees or weak pelvic floor? You get on-the-spot modifications so you always know exactly what to do!

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Dummy-Proof to Start & Easy to Stay on Track

Stay organized and have peace of mind knowing exactly what is coming up with beautiful printables for every workout!


Printables and calendars click straight to your follow-along videos.


Stream videos from your big-screen TV, laptop, tablet or phone.


Feel accomplished and stay on track by crossing off each workout as you complete it.

Most women feel a difference by the end of Week 1 and notice changes in their bodies by Week 3. Seeing visual progress on your own body so early triggers the reward-cycle that gives the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan a 96% completion rate!


Avoid Damaging Mistakes

Doing the wrong exercises postpartum, or without proper progression, will prolong your recovery-time, at a minimum.

If your body has not been progressively worked up to certain exercises, you can exasperate your Diastasis Recti (ab gap), cause postpartum hernia, cause postpartum prolapse, or get injured and have to stop working out altogether. 

Having *structure* is the game changer that will give you results in just 3 months that many women will never achieve in their life. You will earn a core that is intact and a pelvic floor that can withstand pressure.


You'll be more confident in your abs, able to jump on a trampoline with your kids without peeing, and excitedly feel prepared to progress onto any other activities having laid this crucial foundation.


Your ab gap will progressively close down as you follow the plan's structure. Healing your Diastasis Recti will flatten your stomach.


You will need dumbbells, a stability ball (big blow up type), and stroller/carrier for walking your baby when you don't have assistance at home. That's it! Ashley uses 5, 10 and 15 pound dumbbells (2.5, 4.5 and 7kg dumbbells) but as long as you have a heavy set and light set, you will be good to go!


This is a major abdominal surgery and you are wise to be deliberate about your postpartum recovery and regaining maximum core strength. (35% of the women highlighted below in before and after photos delivered via c-section!) 


(38 weeks) This way you can download it to your devices, read it over, print it out, and be prepared once baby arrives. If you buy it earlier, you can use the Mom Cookbook during your pregnancy too! You keep your plan for 10 years to cover future postpartum recoveries.



Postpartum Recovery Guidance begins as soon as baby is born so you can start reconnecting with your innermost abdominal muscles, strengthening the pelvic floor, and progressive walking to facilitate recovery while boosting your metabolism during the early weeks postpartum.


Ashley is a huge proponent of breastfeeding if you want to and are able to. She pumped while nursing full time for Gavin for 11 months and used an excess freezer supply to carry him over the one year mark. She nursed on demand for Ryker and Ava for 16 months, and is still nursing baby Laurel currently. Thousands of women have successfully come before you nursing and pumping full time while on the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan with zero negitive impacts to their breast milk supply. 


You may begin Day 1 as soon as you are cleared by your doctor to resume exercise at your postpartum check up. Most smooth vaginal delivery recoveries get the all-clear at 5-6 weeks postpartum. Most uncomplicated c-section recoveries get the all-clear at 8-9 weeks postpartum once the incision site is no longer raised, puffy, or red. It is normal at your 8-9 week post c-section check up to still have some numbness or feel itchy at the incision site (the layers of skin tissue and fascia are still healing). This plan is completely c-section recovery safe.


No matter how old your youngest child is, if you have unaddressed Diastasis Recti and perhaps some extra sticky fat - this plan is for you, too!  If you are 5 months or farther postpartum, your Diastsis Recti ab gap will only stay the same or get worse unless you do something about it.


If you are starting at 5+ months postpartum, I need you doing the ab workout of the week 3x per week on non-consecutive days  (Mon/Wed/Fri for example). This more aggressive approach has been extremely successful on women like you past the immediate postpartum season. Women who start at 1-10 years postpartum consistently close their gaps on this plan. You are never too late to make progress on healing your Diastasis Recti, which will give your stomach a tighter, flatter appearance.

✓ THE Mom Cookbook BONUS 

You save money because the Mom Cookbook digital download is included as a BONUS when you purchase the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan.  Get all of the quick, delicious, kid-approved, and nutrient-dense recipes that will become your family's new "Go-to's." Easy recipes support fat loss postpartum AND set you up for ideal body weight maintenance long-term. Unlike other cookbooks, the Mom Cookbook inspires you to want to eat healthy as you learn how these meals support female hormones, improve your skin's complexion, strengthen your hair, improve metabolism and increase your energy for all areas of life.

Over 75 thousand women have turned to Ashley via her Prenatal Workout program and the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan for maximum postpartum recovery. Now it's your turn to safely lose excess baby weight, gain lean definition,  and flatten your stomach, too. 

35% of these women delivered via c-section:

best postpartum workout plan ashley keller
best postpartum workout plan ashley keller
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postpartum workout routine
postpartum workout routine
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best workout plan postpartum
best workout plan postpartum
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pregnancy workout plan
pregnancy workout plan
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Glow BodyPT Workout Plan Post Pregnancy Results QA
Glow BodyPT Workout Plan Post Pregnancy Results QA
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best workout plan postpartum
best workout plan postpartum
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postpartum workout plan
postpartum workout plan
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best postpartum workout program twin pregnancy
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postpartum exercise plan
postpartum exercise plan
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Plus, you get the

Mom Cookbook

included as a BONUS!

All the fast, easy, kid-approved, and nutrient-dense recipes you need to support weight-loss postpartum, fuel ample breast milk supply, and help you stay lean long term.

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This isn't like other cookbooks, this is a Mom's DREAM cookbook! Easy delicious dinners (because that is where most of us get in a rut), power food lunches for mom, wholesome school-lunches for kids, baby-led weaning ideas, bulk breakfasts, snacks, smoothies, and dreamy desserts (like PMS Brownies!)  Every recipe includes personal and nutritional notes about the “why” behind ingredients.  These notes will inspire you to WANT to make these recipes because you’ll learn how the different ingredients flush toxins from your body, generate new skin cells, support weight loss, prevent anemia, boost your gut’s microbiome, fight off sickness, regulate hormones, lower blood sugar, combat inflammation and SO MUCH MORE!   

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sneak peak

Takeout Curry.jpeg
postpartum workout plan recipes
postpartum workout recipes
postpartum workout plan recipes
postpartum workouts and recipes

You will be inspired with tips on how to include your kids -- ages zero to teen -- in the kitchen.

Because you aren't just feeding your children, but raising them to be helpful, competent and independent young adults who have a healthy relationship with food.

Many recipes are plant-based, with a few animal protein recipes mixed in, exactly how I eat.  Most recipes are already dairy-free, but in some cases you can opt for dairy-free cheese or chocolate, if you prefer.


The Mom Cookbook simplifies healthy eating to free up your time and help you look as good on the outside as your body will be functioning on the inside.


This is a digital download, so you can have quick access to your recipes on any phone, laptop, or tablet and print it out if you wish. 

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Hear how the
12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan
changed these womens' lives: