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Can you relate?

If you are tired of secular world view messages and you want life-affirming, convicting, edifying words to wash over you while doing workouts that really challenge you... And its important that your training is time-honoring because you have other responsibilities and children to take care of...keep reading. 

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Firm30 is an advanced resistance training program with all 30 minute workouts 3-5 days per week. This program is for women who want to maximize their body's natural potential, without making an idol out of the body itself. Stay engaged and motivated during each video training right alongside me as we chat about female nutrition and women's-specific health. Gain youthful flexibility, increase your metabolism, and add firm definition.  Since I seek to make our Lord the center of my life, everything else flows from that relationship of unconditional love and unapologetic truth. You may find yourself nodding in agreement with relatable mom moments, or laughing with vulnerable wife chats, and you may get on FIRE to be more of the woman God has called you to be.

Some things just come off wrong when written...
😘That's why I made this video for you:

How Does Firm30 Compare to
Other GlowBodyPT Programs?

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3 days per week are mandatory.

4th day is totally optional.

5th day is a fiery 10-minute abs bonus day, if you want extra tightening for your waist and stomach flattening. 

All workouts are from home so you can train with your children around, and your kids will often see my kids on the screen. 

There is ZERO walking or running in Firm30.


20 NEW Recipes
That I Can't Stop Making
In My Own Kitchen! 

Better than Reeces stack.png

EASY & nourishing. But not over the top healthy that no one wants to eat.

Lots of one-pot meals to make clean up fast. Simple recipes with pictures for everything. Regular ingredients that are affordable. This is not a meal plan. Pick and choose what suits you and your family's preferences to improve your existing diet. 

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✔ Save Time in the Kitchen
✔ Save Money at the Store
✔ See the Results of Your Workouts on Your Body

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Do You Have a Running Goal?
12 Week Half Marathon Firm30
 Training Program is for you-
No extra charge.

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Race-specific programming to make you a stronger, faster runner while running just TWICE a week.

12 Weeks of training to take you from zero to race day running happy and confident. For beginner and veteran runners.

✅Train like an elite with 2-minute coaching chats prior to every key run. You will know exactly what to do and the training intent it will elicit on your body.

✅Female-runner specific stretch routines take just 5 minutes. You only need to stretch after 1 run per week because mobility and flexibility are integrated into your training.

✅The minimum prerequisite for this Half Marathon Training Program is to jog 5 miles (8k) before starting. The 10 Minute Plan Bonus running plans will allow you to safely and confidently achieve this baseline.

*There's an option to run 3 days per week, but I don't. Only 2 days of running are required


Beautifully interweave your running, strength training and injury prevention with a super-solid core to feel fit, energetic, and joyful about running.

You Only Need 3 Simple Pieces of
Home Gym Equipment:

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You'll see me use as light as 5lbs (2kg) and as heavy as 25lb (11kg) dumbbells. Use what works for YOU, but be sure you have at least 1 pair that will challenge you.

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3 Pack Mini Resistance Bands

Also called "booty bands." Brand doesn't matter. I prefer cloth because they last years longer than rubber ones.

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Exercise Mat

Any yoga mat will do! 

Here's What You Get:

24 Weeks of Training All Figured Out For You
  12 Weeks Firm30
12 Weeks Firm30 Half Marathon Bonus

30-Minute Follow-Along Videos With Progressive Overload: They Get Harder At Just The Right Times (Modifications Included)

10-Minute Fiery Abs Series

Workout Printables - Written Workouts For Those Who Prefer To Train On Their Own

20 x Delicious Recipes to Reduce Cravings, Promote Healthy Hormones, and Support Your Personal Ideal Body Mass

12 x Half Marathon Coaching Chats to Train Like a Pro Even if You're a Beginner

2 x 5-Minute Runner-Specific Stretch Routines

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Your Concerns, Answered:

I'm not a Christian. Does this mean I shouldn't do Firm30?

All beliefs are welcome, 100%! If you thrive when provided training structure, if you love  challenging time-efficient workouts from home, and you are open minded to hear from people who don't think the exact same as you - you'll probably love Firm30! However, if you are someone who gets offended if you hear what the Bible says about something, Firm30 may not be the right program for you. 

Will this heal my Diastasis Recti?

Firm30 is not a Diastasis Recti program nor is it appropriate for the first 6 months postpartum, even if you don't have Diastasis Recti. Firm30 includes intense ab routines and full body compound workouts to deliver visible results on the waist and stomach.

Do the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan first to reestablish connection with the deepest muscles of your core, no matter how far postpartum you are.

Will Firm30 Half Marathon Program work for a triathlon or marathon train-up?

YES! Triathlon: Alternate biking and swimming every other week during the "optional" run day. Do a longer bike once per month in place of an unload Long Steady Distance run.

Marathon: Decrease the intensity (speed) and increase mileage (on Long Steady Distance runs specifically). 

No matter what other race you compete in, you'll find the Firm30 *framework* to be invaluable for strength and injury prevention.

How much time does Firm30 take each week?

Firm30 is all 30 minute workouts. Only 3 days per week are mandatory. 4th day each week provides extra glute and leg sculpting -- this day is totally optional. 5th day each week is a 10 minute fiery abs bonus workout, if time allows. Repeat Firm30 during different seasons of motherhood/life when you are super busy and when you have more time in your schedule. You'll be able to keep making progress!

Firm30 is Brand New and It's The Best Plan to Date.
Here's What Women Are Saying So Far:

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Get Firm30 and
Change Your Life

I see you loading up your vehicle, teaching your kids about gratitude, unloading groceries, figuring out who is growing out of what, I KNOW you have a full life.

Firm30 will meet you *exactly* where you are and CRANK UP your God-given passions. You're not going get "Woe is me" messaging, nor will you "Discover your inner goddess." Instead, you will be pointed to the perfect Father and feel more confident and healthier than ever before in the body you are blessed with.

I want you to have Firm30 in your toolbox because I know what a massive transformation it will make on your body and in your life.

You'll instantly receive a DOWNLOAD email after you check out. Save Firm30 to all of your devices. Open the Plan to access all of the clickable workouts and you'll find the Private Playlists to save to your Youtube account. This way, you can watch the workouts from your TV, even when you travel! 

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