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10 Minute Plan - Arm Yourself with the most time-effective training ever


Designed with body part precision-sculpting workouts that are rounded out with Cardio Progressions, High Intensity Interval Training, and Mini Challenges to catapult you off of ANY plateau, and elevate your fitness to the next level.  Get the same fat-burn and toning results in just 30 minutes per day at home that would take most women 60 minutes to get at a gym. Never waste valuable workout time trying to figure out what you should do again. I will coach you through tons of brand new, fun exercises so that you can confidently master the form and get results that you've never seen on your body before -- and do so in such little time!


Burn Fat

We will take your fat-burn to the next level with sweaty cardio and high intensity interval sessions using science-backed training techniques that work. As I coach you through what to do and when, it feels like hanging out with a friend who truly CARES about you reaching your max potential and it is way more fun than suffering on your own. No procrastination or wasted time trying to make up a workout as you go randomly. I keep track of timing and sets so you don't have to. 


The only way to add lean definition to your body is to get stronger as you lean out. You will not get bulky with my style of training. We cover your entire body with extra focus on tightening the abdomen, thighs, and arms while sculpting your glutes and shoulders. I keep you on track with form cues in real time so that you can execute perfect form with confidence. You will know exactly what to squeeze, pulse, or hold, --and when-- so that you'll gain strength and show visible lean definition faster.  


This plan fills in all of the gaps you likely have been ignoring to ensure that you have a healthy body for LIFE, not just a season. You will increase your flexibility with Hips & Hamstrings Mobility, Back-Neck-Shoulders Mobility, Full Body Mobility, Upper Body & Lower Body foam rolling routines, and Morning Yoga (not spiritual). You will feel so confident in how you are injury-proofing your body and decreasing inflammation to promote faster recovery. 



The carefully programmed progression and variety of exercises make it impossible for your body to plateau, and keeps you from getting bored. These workouts are fun and intense at the same time. Cardio kickboxing, challenge workouts, pyramids, ballet body, a booty finisher series, mobility, strength training for runners, and 7 progressive ab workouts...just to name a few!

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Flexible Schedule

If you have little kids or you work full time, you can easily do two workouts in the morning and then your third in the evening if you want to break it up. This flexibility makes it even more doable for the busiest of women to get results. If you go on vacation or get sick, don't worry! You keep your plan for life and maintain video access for 10 years. 

Bonus Plan for Runners 

There is no mandatory walking or running in the plan. But if you want to run -- you get a BONUS 8 week training schedule to run your first, or your fastest, 5k. If you're a runner who always skips stretching or strength, this plan will change the way you establish a flexibility-mobility-strength balance forever. Cheers to becoming a better runner!  


✔️ 42 x unique workouts to include progressive routines like the Booty Finisher Series, Ballet Body, Shoulder Drop Pyramid, Lower Body Hypertrophy, Perfect Posture, Dumbbell HIIT, Ab Sliders, Waist Trainer, Isolateral Leg Slay, Cardio Donuts, Runner's Legs and so many more!

✔️ 30 x easy, delicious, family-friendly recipes that are 30 minutes or less. Simple ingredients.

✔️12 week plan that takes all the guess work out of your routine so there is no wasted time. 30 minutes of workout time each day, 4 days per week.

✔️10 YEARS of access to the videos so you can re-do the workouts again and again.

Plus TWO Bonuses!

Walk to Run Beginner 5k Training Plan ⭐

Remove all of the unknowns to go from not running very much or at all, to confidently running an entire 5k (3.1 miles) injury-free! Workouts are broken down so it is not intimidating and your body will adapt at just the right times.

Advanced 5k for Speed Training Plan ⭐

Follow the exact training method I have used for years to consistently be able to run very fast on very little time put into running compared to most runners. These workouts will progressively maximize your body's speed potential so that you can run your fastest.

Count on 30 minutes or less in the kitchen. No weird ingredients. Real foods you can get anywhere.  Every recipe includes a picture from my kitchen because I'm the type who won't make a recipe unless a picture is included! Personal pointers are mixed in with the recipes to fuel your motivation to WANT to nourish your body, as well as tips to make life easier. Every recipe is kid-approved, or it didn't make the cut. 


30 minutes or less. no fuss ingredients. kid-friendly.


No more stressing about what's for dinner.

Get out of your boring food rut with healthy,

family-friendly recipes that don't taste like "health."

You'll be introduced to a lot of new meat-free meals, but also some with animal-protein (exactly as I eat). This is not a meal plan, so you aren't forced to eating anything that doesn't suit your preferences. The goal is to seamlessly start introducing more nutrition into your family's diet without healthy-eating feeling like a burden. These recipes taste rich! You are not doing a quick-fix diet. No deprivation. I am all about your long-term health and how to eat when you're hungry, and stop when you're full without having to count calories or macros (unless that's your thing!). When you're getting the right variety of nutrients, cravings subside. This makes losing weight --then maintaining your body's ideal weight-- easier than it has ever been before.

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Active duty military mom of  2 in PA School

"I did the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan before doing the 10 Minute Plan and I wish I could go back and tell myself that it's OKAY to not see progress in the first few weeks postpartum. It's ok to try, and to fail. It's ok to be intimidated by something that's hard. But it's also WORTH IT. I know how long and hard I've fought for how functional and capable I feel today, and I am so so so thankful to you for coaching me through that." 

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Transformed relationship with food & exercise

"My whole view of eating and working out has changed since I started your plans. My whole life I struggled with constant weight fluctuations, off and on dieting, and I hated working out. After gaining 60lbs during my pregnancy I closed my severe Diastasis Recti on your 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan. Now having graduated the 10 Minute Plan, this plan is by far my favorite workout plan ever! I LOVE all the recipes and eat them on a daily basis. I finally feel I have a healthy relationship with food and exercise!"

Never been fitter or stronger in my life!

(Shown here is 3 months pp to 16 months pp having done the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan and the 10 Minute Plan!)

"I am SO satisfied with my results from the 10 Minute Plan! I'm now getting back and doing workouts from both plans while increasing weight and speed. I've finally found my workout niche!"

best postpartum workout program for dias

These workouts are a lifesaver (4 kids in 4 yrs)

"Being able to press play and workout for just 25-35 minutes per day just 4 days a week for 12 weeks has transformed my life as a mother. As a mama of 4 in 4 years, our days can be BUSY and these workouts have been a life saver for me."

glowbodypt 10 minute plan before and aft

Raising 3 kids (often by myself - Luke is in the army) I was struggling to fit exercise the way I wanted to...which led to a cycle of procrastination and feeling like I let myself down.


f I didn't have enough time to get in a full 40 or 45 minutes, then it wasn't worth it.

That was the lie I fed myself. Almost in a self-soothing way, to mask the subtle complacency that had creeped in. But I knew in my heart that I could do better, and that complacency didn't deserve space here. That God called me to shine BRIGHT. And to show up that way, it really helps me to feel strong! I was done with my "too busy" excuse. It really does just take one 10 minute workout at a time, adding up to 30 minutes in a row -- or 30 minutes total broken up around your schedule -- your choice.


 I'm like the woman next door- no nanny, and no maid. Sweat dripping onto my mat as I look you in the eyes and ask you to be honest with yourself about getting out of your own comfort zone as we push ourselves together. No more procrastinating or doing the same old things, this plan is designed to MAKE YOU SHINE BRIGHT. You are arming yourself with the most time-efficient training I personally use to maximize your limited time so that you can confidently get the results you want, regardless of how full your schedule is.

-Ashley Keller


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