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Designed with body part precision-sculpting workouts that are rounded out with Cardio Progressions, High Intensity Interval Training, and Mini Challenges to catapult you off of ANY plateau, and elevate your fitness to the next level.  Get the same fat-burn and toning results in just 30 minutes per day at home that would take most women 60 minutes to get at a gym. Never waste valuable workout time trying to figure out what you should do again. I will coach you through tons of brand new, fun exercises so that you can confidently master the form and get results that you've never seen on your body before -- and do so in such little time!


Burn Fat

You will take your fat-burn to the next level with sweaty cardio and high intensity interval sessions using science-backed training techniques that work. I keep track of timing and sets for you and coach you through what to do and when so you don’t procrastinate or waste time trying to make up workouts as you go.  You simply click the video and follow along with me!  As I coach you, you’ll feel like you are are hanging out with a friend who truly CARES about you reaching your max potential. This is way more fun than suffering through a workout by yourself!


The best way to sculpt your body is to incorporate strength training. This is a lean muscle sculpting plan and you will not getting “bulky” with my method of training. Instead, you will build lean muscle as we address your entire body with an extra focus on tightening your abs, thighs, and arms while sculpting your glutes and shoulders. I keep you on track with form cues in real time so that you can confidently execute perfect form throughout all of the movements, gain strength and see visible results faster. 


This plan fills in all of the gaps you might be ignoring to ensure that you have a healthy body for LIFE, not just a season. You will increase your flexibility and mobility while promoting recovery and preventing injuries before they happen with various mobility, foam rolling, and morning yoga routines (not spiritual).  Not only will you have the peace of mind that comes from injury-proofing your body, but you can confidently be assured that you are also decreasing inflammation and promoting faster recovery.  



This carefully programmed progression and variety of exercises makes it impossible for you to get bored or your body to plateau. These workouts are fun and intense at the same time! They include cardio kickboxing, challenge workouts, pyramids, ballet body, a booty finisher series, mobility, strength training for runners, and 7 progressive ab workouts...just to name a few! 

10 minute plan glowbodypt fast workouts.

Flexible Schedule

If you have young kids or you work full-time, you can easily break up the workouts if needed (e.g. do two workouts in the morning and then the third in the evening).  No matter how busy you are, this flexibility makes it even more doable for you to stay committed and get results.  If you happen to miss a few days or weeks for various reasons, don’t stress, you keep your plan for life and have video access for 10 years. For those who prefer to skip the videos, you get printables for all 42 unique workouts so you can easily do them on your own.

Bonus Plans for Runners 

There is no mandatory walking or running in this plan. If you want to run, however, you get TWO BONUS 8 week training schedules to run your first, or your fastest, 5k. If you are a runner who always skips stretching or strength, this plan will change the way you establish a flexibility-mobility-strength balance forever. Cheers to becoming a better runner!


Instant access to 40 x unique workout videos including cardio kickboxing, challenge workouts, pyramids, ballet body, the booty finisher series, mobility, strength training for runners, and 7 progressive ab workouts...just to name a few! There is no need for a gym, you can do all of these from home in limited space with just dumbbells! 

Fully laid out 12 week training plan with a clickable calendar showing you exactly what workouts to do each day. Workouts are flexible, about 10 minutes each, and add up to roughly 30 minutes per day, 4 days per week.

✓ 30 x easy, delicious, family-friendly recipes that use simple ingredients and take 30 minutes or less.

✓ Access to a private online community. Exclusive support, Q/A, accountability, and encouragement.

✓ 10 YEARS of video access so you can re-do the workouts, and the plan, as many times as you wish.

Plus x 2 Bonuses!

Walk to Run 5k Training Plan 

Use this plan to safely develop your running in just 8 weeks. Whether you've never been a runner or you are just getting back into it, this training plan is gradual and progressive so it's not intimidating and you don't get injured. You will be able to run an entire 5k in just 8 weeks with confidence AND free of injuries! 

Advanced 5k Speed Training Plan 

Use this plan if you are already a runner and want to get the most out of your training plan to run your fastest 5k. This plan is unique in that the focus is on high quality workouts instead of sheer quantity -- you will be amazed at how much faster you can get with just two days per week of required running (with an optional third day)! You will be developing your full potential by following the same training method that I have used for years as a  busy mother-runner who likes to be able to run fast. 

glowbodypt 10 minute plan bonus runner 5

Count on 30 minutes or less in the kitchen. Recipes call for real foods you can get anywhere, there are no weird ingredients.  Every recipe also has a picture from my own kitchen because I’m someone who won't make a recipe unless it has a picture! Personal pointers and tips are also included to help make life easier for you. Every recipe is both husband and kid-approved, or it didn't make the cut.


30 minutes or less. no fuss ingredients. kid-friendly.

Creamy Beet Smoothie
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Korean Beef Bowl
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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
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Freezer Fudge
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Green Monster Sandwich
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No-Recipe Enchiladas
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Breakfast Toastadas
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Sheet Pan Gyros
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Ginger Detox Smoothie
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Stressed about dinner? Not anymore!

Get out of your food rut with healthy, family-friendly recipes

that don't taste boring.

You'll be introduced to exactly what I eat, including a lot of new meat-free meals, but also some with animal-protein. This is not a meal plan, so you aren't forced to eating anything. Rather, my goal is to help you seamlessly introduce more nutritious meals into your family's diet without it being overwhelming or burdensome. My focus is your long-term health and making health-eating easy! I want you to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied without having to count calories or macros (unless that's your thing)! When you get the right variety of nutrients, your cravings will subside. Combined with the workouts, this makes losing weight -- and maintaining your body's ideal weight -- easier than it has ever been before. 

Progress on the 10 Minute Plan after the 12 Week PPP!
Progress on the 10 Minute Plan after the 12 Week PPP!

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Back profile progress 10 Minute Plan
Back profile progress 10 Minute Plan

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Didn't want to take pictures unclothed...but am SO GLAD I took these because I see a difference!
Didn't want to take pictures unclothed...but am SO GLAD I took these because I see a difference!

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Progress on the 10 Minute Plan after the 12 Week PPP!
Progress on the 10 Minute Plan after the 12 Week PPP!

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Now having graduated the 10 Minute Plan, this plan is by far my favorite workout plan EVER!  LOVE all the recipes and eat them on a daily basis. I finally feel I have a healthy relationship with food and exercise!


This is the first time I have put money towards a workout plan. There are a lot of free things on the internet that I have used in the past, but this was definitely worth purchasing to help save me time in two ways. First, not having to chose what I should do for my workouts to make sure I’m not missing anything. Second, having workouts that are concise and to the point, getting results with not a lot of time. I’d recommend this plan to anyone!


I just finished the 10 minute plan this week! Ashley's plans have been such a gift to me and this one was no different -- I have been SO HELPED by the thoughtful way she designs them. I lost 7.4 lbs and 5.25 inches! Feeling so very thankful. <3