10 minute plan

What  to Expect

This is for women who want a superior level of all-around strength, fat-burn, tone, flexibility and fitness, but don't want to spend a lot of time working out. We train 4 x days per week with 10 minute workout videos from home that add up to about 30 minutes per day for 12 weeks. Healthy eating becomes a lot easier (and delicious!) with all of my 30-minutes-or-less, family-friendly recipes. 

Burn Fat

WE MOVE AS ONE to keep you motivated through sweaty cardio and high intensity interval sessions. This is way more fun than suffering on your own, and much more effective than trying to make up a workout as you go. I keep track of timing and sets so you don't have to. This minimizes time wasted - so you truly get max burn out of every workout.


The only equipment you need are dumbbells, a yoga mat, and foam roller (we foam roll in 2 videos). I keep you on track with form cues in real time so that you can execute perfect form with confidence. You will know exactly what to squeeze, pulse, or hold, and when, so that you'll be showing definition faster. I am all about you LEARNING how to move, not just showing you exercises.  


This plan fills in all of the gaps you might have been ignoring to ensure that you have a healthy body for LIFE, not just a season. You will increase your flexibility and mobility, while promoting recovery and preventing injuries before they happen.



The carefully programmed progression and variety of exercises make it impossible for your body to plateau, and keeps you from getting bored. These workouts are fun and intense at the same time. Cardio kickboxing, challenge workouts, pyramids, ballet body, a booty finisher series, mobility, strength training for runners, and 7 progressive ab workouts...just to name a few!

Flexible Schedule

If you have little kids or you work full time, you can easily do two workouts in the morning and then your third in the evening if you want to break it up. This flexibility makes it even more doable for the busiest of women to get results. If you go on vacation or get sick, don't worry! You keep your plan for life and maintain video access for 10 years. 

Bonus Plan for Runners 

There is no mandatory walking or running in the plan. But if you want to run -- you get a BONUS 8 week training schedule to run your first, or your fastest, 5k. If you're a runner who always skips stretching or strength, this plan will change the way you establish a flexibility-mobility-strength balance forever. Cheers to becoming a better runner!  


42 x workout videos you can do all from home (need dumbbells, a yoga mat, and foam roller - that is it!)

30 x easy, delicious, family-friendly recipes that are 30 minutes or less. Simple ingredients.

1 x 12 week plan with workouts all from home that add up to about 30 minutes of workout time each day, 4 days per week of training. 


1 x 8 week plan for beginners to do a walk-to-run 5k. This is also perfect for women who want get back into running safely after not running for a while.

1 x 8 week plan for more advanced runners who want to push their potential and run their fastest 5k. 

Count on 30 minutes or less in the kitchen. No weird ingredients. Just basic foods you can get anywhere.  Every recipe includes a picture from my kitchen because I'm the type who won't make a recipe unless a picture is included! Personal pointers are mixed in with the recipes to fuel your motivation to WANT to nourish your body, as well as tips to make life easier. Every recipe is kid-approved, or it didn't make the cut. 

More About The Food


You'll be introduced to a lot of new meat-free meals, but also some with animal-protein (exactly as I eat). This is not a meal plan, so you aren't bound to eating anything that doesn't suit your preferences. The goal is to seamlessly start introducing more nutrition into your family's diet without healthy-eating feeling like a burden. These recipes taste rich! You are not doing a quick-fix diet. No deprivation. I am all about your long-term health and how to eat when you're hungry, and stop when you're full without having to count calories or macros (unless that's your thing!). When you're getting the right variety of nutrients, cravings subside, and maintaining your body's ideal weight becomes easier.

With Luke in the military and raising 3 kids on my own most of the time while running GlowBodyPT, I PERSONALLY NEEDED THIS PLAN to keep up my own well-rounded fitness (and sanity)! I coach you like we are best friends in my living room so that everything is super straightforward and we just have fun together. 

-Ashley Keller

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